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Home Again 12.03.2017
One Day in Guangzhou 09.03.2017
One Day in Manila 08.03.2017
Last Day on Palawan and Travel to Manila 07.03.2017
Lazy Day at Al Faro 05.03.2017
Al Faro Resort 04.03.2017
Tao Expedition Day Five 04.03.2017
Tao Expedition Day Four 04.03.2017
Tao Expedition Day Three 03.03.2017
Tao Expedition Day Two 03.03.2017
Tao Expedition Day 1 03.03.2017
More Snorkelling and Travel to El Nido 25.02.2017
Jungle Walk and Travel to Port Barton 24.02.2017
Island Hopping in Port Barton 24.02.2017
Underground River Excursion 22.02.2017
Exploring Puerto Princesa 21.02.2017
Travel to Victoria's Guest House 20.02.2017
Botanical Garden but No Bonsai 19.02.2017
More Exploring Hanoi on Foot 18.02.2017
Return to Hanoi with a Change 17.02.2017
Finished the Most Strenuous Hike of My Life! 16.02.2017
Cat Ba Boat Excursion 15.02.2017
Dong Hoi to Hanoi to Cat Ba 14.02.2017
Dong Hoi 12.02.2017
Paradise Cave 10.02.2017
Phong Nha Cave 09.02.2017
Visiting the Thien Mu Pagoda 08.02.2017
The Imperial City 07.02.2017
Strange Travelling Today 06.02.2017
Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons 05.02.2017
Visiting My Son (no relation!) 04.02.2017
Rainy Day Didn't Stop the Fun 04.02.2017
Old Town Hoi An 02.02.2017
A Long, Long Train Trip 02.02.2017
Sick in Ho Chi Minh City 29.01.2017
Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Or Happy New Year 27.01.2017
Goodbye to Cambodia, Hello Vietnam 26.01.2017
Miracle in Phnom Penh 26.01.2017
Busy Day in Phnom Penh 24.01.2017
On to Phnom Penh 23.01.2017
Life Along the Mekong at Chiro 23.01.2017
On the Road Again - to Chiro 21.01.2017
Elephant Adventure 20.01.2017
Exploring Sen Monorom 19.01.2017
Journey to Sen Monorom 18.01.2017
The Minority Experience 17.01.2017
Travel to Banlung 16.01.2017
Our Last Day in Siem Reap 16.01.2017
Angkor Wat at Sunrise 15.01.2017
Exploring Siem Reap 14.01.2017
Arriving at Siem Reap 14.01.2017
Lazy Days at Lazy Beach 12.01.2017
Cambodia, Here We Come 07.01.2017